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Siblings are given first consideration, and then legacies, depending on availability. (If your child is a Lone Mountain legacy, please call us at 415-876-0057 prior to applying.) For all others, enrollment is determined on a first-come first-serve basis according to the child's age at the point of application. An attempt is made to balance each of the classes with boys and girls. Especially for our entry-level Tuesday-Thursday class parents are urged to file an application within the first three months after birth. All applications received within the first three months are considered received on the date of birth and become eligible for a random drawing for the available non-sibling spots. The random drawing occurs each January for the following September’s admission.

Depending on the results of the random drawing, parents are invited to a tour of the school by the Director once a child's name comes to the top of the wait list. If the class fills before we reach your child's name on the wait list you will be notified by mail, typically in the first week of March, and given the opportunity to remain on the wait list for future enrollment.

We often have spots for children entering our Pre-Kindergarten class and we accept applications during the Fall prior to desired enrollment. Please call for application information.

Applications are available to download. For questions or to receive an application by mail please call us at 415-876-0057 or send an email inquiry.

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