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Mission and Philosophy

Lone Mountain Children’s Center was established as a private, non-profit preschool in 1974. Our mission is to provide a high-quality developmental theme-based preschool program for children age two years and seven months through five years and six months. For over forty years Lone Mountain has served scores of San Francisco children and their families.

Our philosophy is to meet and accept each child as he or she comes to us. We work first to understand each child’s unique developmental profile. From this understanding we strive to build on a child’s relative developmental strengths, while giving special attention to those areas which are less strong. Most important we believe that when a child is provided the opportunity to preserve and enhance a positive sense of self, then the essential foundation for all learning and self-actualization has been established. We strive to ensure that each child has a positive and fun first school experience, and leaves us well prepared to meet life’s further adventures.