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Program Overview

Our Program

Lone Mountain offers three distinct programs, each appropriate to a different chronological group:

Each class has between thirty and thirty-two children, and is taught by four or five teachers and an assistant teacher. Although each of the three levels has individual integrity it is the entire three year program that comprises the school's unique and comprehensive educational experience.

The program is designed to be nurturing, creative and fun, in a context that honors structure and develops self-discipline. Each of the three levels actively supports and cultivates a child's social, cognitive, physical, emotional and language development, utilizing an array of primarily experiential and hands-on educational techniques. In addition, the school offers a curriculum that is unique to Lone Mountain in both approach and degree of sophistication. By the culmination of the three year program, Lone Mountain students have been exposed, in an age-appropriate manner, to most of the traditional academic disciplines: Art, Music, Science, History, Sociology, Geography, Psychology, World Religions, etc. Our hope is to inspire a lifelong fascination with learning and discovery.

Lone Mountain graduates are exceptionally well-prepared for the challenges of elementary education. Our students have successfully matriculated to the full range of San Francisco Independent, parochial and public schools.